Friday, March 13, 2009

"Shots of Ozone Zaps Back Pain!"

I came across an interesting article online yesterday and was actually shocked. We have been using medical ozone/oxygen therapy for years treating a variety of different ailments. From chronic fatigue to chronic pain, ozone can be a very effective way to stimulate the body's immune system to help with recovery. Specifically, talking about back pain we have had significant success. This article is taken from the Society of Interventional Radiology, March 2009 and it finally sheds some light to the "traditional" medical community regarding the benefits of medical ozone/oxygen therapy. It is also somewhat ironic that there are some states that specifically ban the use of ozone as a medical treatment!!

Please read the following article and keep in mind that this treatment has already had significant amount of research and use clinically for years!

Shot of Ozone Zaps Back Pain!

"In just a few years, a shot of ozone could be the "go to" method to relieve an aching back. 
Radiologists predict oxygen-ozone therapy will become the standard treatment in the United States to treat herniated disks within the next five years.

"Having a herniated disk can affect how you perform everyday activities and can cause severe pain that influences everything you do; however, you don’t have to undergo invasive surgery," Kieran J. Murphy, M.D., an interventional neuroradiologist and vice chair and chief of medical imaging at the University of Toronto, was quoted as saying.

The non-invasive procedure of oxygen-ozone therapy involves injecting the gas mixture into the disk. It works to limit pain and inflammation by reducing the disk's volume. Compared to a surgical diskectomy, pain and function outcomes are similar, plus the recovery time is significantly shorter."

SOURCE: Society of Interventional Radiology online, March 2009

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