Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tired of Shaving?

Everyone wants a lot of hair on their head – but a lot of hair anywhere else on the body is generally considered unsightly. Thanks to our culture's obsession with smooth, hairless skin, we've tried nearly everything when it comes to removing those pesky sprouts: shaving, waxing, plucking, even slathering on those offensively-scented depilatory creams. One of the biggest downsides to all of those things, though, is that they're far from permanent.

Which brings laser hair removal into play. It's a perfect treatment for those who want to rid themselves of excess hair for good. So how does it work? Simply put, a high-energy laser heats up the hair deep into its follicle, producing inflammation. The inflammation signals the follicle to retreat into a “resting phase” in which it doesn't grow any new hair. It generally takes a series of treatments – five to seven on average – in order to achieve the desired result. Though laser hair removal dramatically decreases or eliminates unwanted hair, maintenance treatments (one per year, or even less frequently than that) may be needed to keep the area as smooth as possible. The number of initial treatments and the frequency of maintenance largely depends on the area being treated.

Hair today, gone tomorrow ... and the next day ... and the day after that ...

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