Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Progesterone Deficiency Seen in Men and Women

There are many misconceptions about progesterone. It is widely perceived as not only a “female” hormone, but a sex hormone, because it is produced by the ovaries in females (in men, it's made by the adrenal glands). However, neither is the case – in fact, progesterone plays a large role in the body functions of males and females of all ages, has nothing to do with the secondary sex characteristics which develop during puberty, and is vital to good health for everyone. It is important in many ways, keeping the endocrine system balanced. But that's not all; progesterone is the precursor of lots of other important components (among them, estrogen and testosterone) that keep our bodies in proper balance. It is sometimes referred to as “the mother of all hormones” because it's converted into these other hormones. Its “all purpose” nature explains why the effects of a progesterone deficiency can be so wide-ranging.

For women, adequate levels of progesterone can provide relief from menopausal symptoms, keep the reproductive system in balance, stabilize mood swings, facilitate concentration, normalize thyroid levels, keep the bones strong ... the list goes on and on. For men, progesterone can increase sperm count, keep the energy level high, decrease prostate problems, even improve the complexion – and again, that's just the tip of the iceberg. This is why it's crucial to have the proper balance of progesterone in your body; it's responsible for so many important functions.

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