Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Power of Bio-Oxidative Medicine

When a town needs to ensure a clean water supply, it sends bubbles of ozone – a natural disinfectant – streaming through in order to remove impurities. Bottled water companies, whose very reputations rest upon the purity of their product, use the same technique. Now consider this: our bodies contain, on average, 65% water. Our vital organs, including our brains, are largely comprised of it. If ozone is such an effective water cleanser, would it have the same effect on the water making up the crucial systems within our bodies? You bet it would!

Bio-oxidative therapy (the infusions of medical-grade ozone or hydrogen peroxide throughout the body) offers tremendous advantages for the health, providing clinically established results in treating a large variety of conditions. Among its known benefits:

• Increases the delivery of healthy oxygen to the cells that thrive on its presence
• Stimulates the production of beneficial white blood cells, boosting the immune system
• Breaks down toxins through the process of oxidation
• Kills viruses and bacteria
• Produces an anti-tumor effect, inhibiting the growth of new tissue
• Increases the body's natural production of several cancer- and disease-fighting compounds
• Can be used for anyone, from newborns and pregnant women to the elderly, without adverse reactions or side effects
• Reduces the harmful side effects of medicinal treatments such as chemotherapy
• Protects the cells from the damage of free radicals, which are touted as the root of many disease and aging processes

It isn't a drug. It isn't a miracle. It's an occurrence that happens naturally in our bodies, and science has found a way to bump up its benefits. Bio-oxidative therapy can be administered in a variety of ways: intravenously, through the muscle, through the rectum or vagina, and more – depending on the specific area being treated. Still considered somewhat experimental in the United States (though more and more practitioners are catching on to its advantages), bio-oxidative therapy is well-established in much of Europe, Asia, and South America, having been used extensively in those locales for years.

Let's look more closely at how bio-oxidative therapy can be used to improve health, no matter what the condition. Ozone, also known as trioxygen or O3, is made up of three oxygen atoms: think of it as super-charged oxygen. The “good” cells in our bodies love oxygen, and thrive when they receive enough. The “bad” cells, such as viruses, fungi, parasites, and other disease-causing microbes, are greatly harmed if exposed to an abundance of oxygen. When we are deprived of oxygen – these days, through environmental pollution and destruction, and self-imposed depletion through smoking – the good cells can't do their jobs and the body is no longer able to effectively rid itself of harmful cells and toxins. But an infusion of oxygen into our cells aids in the process of oxidation: the “burning off” of elements which impair cell function.

Hydrogen peroxide is another powerful oxidizer that is effective in cleansing the body. You've seen it in some form before: most likely as the bubbly stuff people use to sterilize wounds. It's also the disinfectant property in many contact lens solutions, toothpastes, and mouthwashes. Within our bodies, hydrogen peroxide is produced by the immune system to ward off the advancement of bacteria and disease. Like ozone, it can be administered intravenously to help detoxify the blood.

In a nutshell: bio-oxidative therapy, whether ozone or hydrogen peroxide, delivers a direct dosage of purifying, nurturing oxygen to vastly improve the quality and efficiency of the cells. It cleanses from the inside, assisting the body in its natural disease-fighting processes to help mend existing problems and prevent new ones from occurring.

Some speculate that the reason for bio-oxidative therapy's slow introduction into the United States, despite its amazing capacity to heal, is simply that it isn't profitable for pharmaceutical companies; since ozone and oxygen are natural gases, they are unable to be patented. But whatever the reason that people here are just beginning to understand this type of therapy, its benefits are clear and have been aptly demonstrated around the world. It's a “breath of fresh air” for your body – and your health.


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