Saturday, January 1, 2011

Are CAM (complementary/alternative) therapies risky to children as being cited by a recent study in Australia?

NO! CAM therapies are extremely safe and effective when prescribed by licensed Naturopathic Doctors. Naturopaths are the only doctors in the US with the appropriate training using both natural and prescription medicine. The study being cited was conducted over a 2 year period in Australia & found 39 cases of adverse reactions. 2 cases resulted in death. No doctor that has undergone training in an accredited institution would have allowed the children to continue treatments that eventually led to the deaths of those two children. As a naturopath, we first try & treat illness naturally. If a patient doesn’t respond medication is used. It’s shocking to see how lack of care by specific individuals can paint such a picture for the entire field. The example of a 10 month old developing septic shock after being “treated with homeopathy and a restricted diet” is unbelievable. The two modalities can be very effective in the treatment of eczema, however, if a doctor was monitoring this child regularly and witnessed the child’s failure to thrive as their condition worsened changes to their protocol should have been made. Let's keep an open mind and always do what's best for the patient. By spreading such propaganda about CAM therapies nobody wins but big Pharma.

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Blogger mariageorge1982 said...

we first try & cure sickness normally. If a individual does not answer treatment is used. It’s surprising to see how deficiency of care by specific individuals can color such images for the entire area.


August 12, 2012 at 9:16 PM  

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